Advantages Of Engineered Hardwood Floors

There are dozens if not hundreds of different types of flooring that we are able to choose from when trying to remodel our home. Between carpel, tile, stone, linoleum, and hardwood floors it can be difficult to choose just one. The type that we choose is based upon what we want our home to look like, what we will be comfortable with, and also what we are able to afford.

Engineered hardwood floors are made with real wood, high density fiber, and a thick layer of veneer. It looks and feels just like hardwood floors – but you can purchase it at half the cost. They come available in strips or planks and a variety of patterns that will make it easy for you to know exactly where and how you want it to look in your home.


There are many advantages to engineered hardwood flooring when you compare it to many other types of flooring; including hardwood floors. The most common is its ability to be used in almost any area. Because of how thick and durable it is you can used it in basements and kitchens despite the amount of moisture it can receive.

No Warps

It is also designed in alternating lengthwise and widthwise layers. This helps to keep it from expanding and contracting when water or something else has penetrated it. Most hardwood floors would warp and need to be replaced when this happens.

Installation Process

One of the most popular advantages that this type of flooring has is how easy it is to be installed. You don’t have to shell out a great deal of money on something that you can easily do yourself. They either snap into place or are glued or stapled down.


Another great advantage is how easy it is to maintain engineered hardwood floors. They do not require a lot of upkeep and unlike hardwood floors they do not need to be sanded down ever.