Installing Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Most strips of engineered hardwood flooring will cost anywhere between $8 to $15 per square foot. Of course this will all depend upon the type of look that you purchase, who you buy it from, and the kind of installation process that is required. You can hire someone professional that will be able to do the job for you quickly and easily. But for some of us this can make the bill too high.

One of the best ways that you can reduce the price without having to sacrifice the quality of the floors is to install them yourself. Keep in mind that this is a long process that requires hard work and patience. If you think that the work is too much for you then you may want to hire someone. But for many the challenge is worth it and in the end you will be proud to show of your handiwork.

There are many different types of engineered floors on the market and most can be installed in different ways. Some require that you take many steps and use many materials that will help to stabilize the floors and make sure that they are lying flat. While others require very little and can be easily glued to the floor.

Choose the type that will work best for you and your home and that you think you will be able to handle on your own. It might be easier to get the job done if you had some friends to help you. This will also make the job quicker.

For instructions on how to install the particular flooring you have purchased you will have to contact your manufacturer or you could visit your nearest Home Depot. They are sure to give you the instructions you need that will help to get the job done. Do not stray from these directions at all or else you may find yourself making many mistakes.

While the installation process may be different for various kinds of engineered flooring they all require that you remove your baseboard trim and end caps. This allows more room for your new flooring to reach every area and lay flat. You could even replace the baseboards after the floors are finished.